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GOO Fixed Screens

GOO Fixed Screens – all powered by Screen GOO

ALL GOO fixed screens are customised, from the time a specific order is received. The choices and variations are many:  size, type of substrate, frame detailing and finish. But they all have one thing in common – they are all powered by, or coated with a GOO coating; to produce the picture quality, depth, dimensionality, colour saturation, brightness and fine geometrical accuracy the world has come to expect of professional quality reference screens.

GOO Fixed Screens come in three variations: VITRUM, SPECTUS or SPECTUS 3D.

VITRUM - Fixed Two-In-One, writeable AND projection surface, powered by Screen GOO

VITRUM is a concept featuring an ultra-short throw (UST) interactive projector and GOO-treated-wall pairing. Write/annotate directly on the GOO surface using digitized markers, that ship standard with interactive ultra-short throw (UST) projectors. Already proven to work very well with/on GOO-treated surfaces.  Super easy to implement!

Above is a demo of a HITACHI UST interactive projector paired with a GOO-treated (HIGH CONTRAST) surface. Using the projector’s digitized marker, the user annotates directly on the matte GOO-treated surface. Minimal shadow. No hot spot.

With VITRUM, not only do users benefit from a low-maintenance Screen GOO treated projection surface, which displays sharp, crisp texts with exceptional colour fidelity, it is ALSO a writing surface.

Where the projector is a standard, non-UST one, and when normal white board markers are used, there are two permutations to VITRUM, to achieve a two-in-one outcome:

  1. GOO is applied directly onto a smooth plastered wall. A clear piece of acrylic, cut to size, is laid over the GOO treated area. The acrylic is the writing surface and normal white board markers can be used.
  2. In the second permutation, instead of applying GOO onto the wall, GOO is spray painted onto a clear piece of acrylic. This is then wall mounted, with the treated side directly in contact with the wall. The untreated side is the writing surface and normal white board markers can be used.

In both options, hot-spotting is inevitable since acrylic is reflective. Therefore, the recommended VITRUM solution/pairing prefers a UST interactive projector, over a standard projector.

SPECTUS / SPECTUS 3D – Fixed front-projection screens, powered by Screen GOO

SPECTUS is a concept featuring customized front projection fixed screens, in either 2D OR 3D, powered by a Screen GOO coating. Both consist of a solid opaque substrate, treated with either a SCREEN GOO 2D matte coating OR our 3D silver coating, the latter being good for passive 3D applications.

Work with your Designer on creating a fixed screen that reflects your personality or décor of your surroundings. Here are some ideas: SPECTUS / SPECTUS 3D can be frame finished in classic timber, modern polished steel, or a standard frame and dressed up with ostrich feathers, velvet, leather, matching wall paper or even faux fur!  It's all up to you!

SPECTUS / SPECTUS 3D screens can be seen in our office/showroom. For more information on building one, please contact us.