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What can Screen Goo be applied on?

What can Screen Goo be applied on?

Goo Systems has engineered both front and rear projection screen coatings designed to provide exceptional results in both home and business applications. Any rigid surface such as glass, cement, steel, timber, concrete wall, acrylic (Plexiglas), plastic, drywalls, MDF, or gypsum can now be cost effectively transformed into a high quality projection screen. These surfaces can be opaque, transparent or translucent.

For a fascinating array of special effects, GOO can also be applied on a wide variety of fabrics, and materials: canvas, cotton cloth, polyester fabric, stage curtains, PVC backdrops, spandex, muslin and scrim.

**IMPORTANT:  GOO is solvent-unfriendly. Avoid solvent or vinyl-based putty, glue and/or primers when building the substrate.

GOO-friendly Fabric

GOO-friendly primers