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How is Screen Goo applied?

How is Screen GOO Applied?

GOO coatings, across all four categories, can be sprayed OR rolled on.

However, the following are SPRAY-ON ONLY coatings and require some skill to apply:

  • Rear Projection
  • Ultra Silver 3D
  • High Extinction Ultra Silver 3D
The following are RECOMMENDED spray-on coatings and require some skill to apply:
  • Ultra Max Contrast
  • 2.0 Ultra Max Contrast 0.40 Theme Park
  • Ultra Max Contrast +20
The following types of SURFACES require a spray-on application:
  • Non-porous surfaces: glass, laminate, acrylic (perspex)
  • Curved surfaces
  • Domes
  • Spheres

No specialised tools are required to apply GOO. Click here for a recommended spray gun. For roll on, use short-haired fibre rollers, NOT foam/spongy ones. Contact us to enquire on the right tools for that GOO job.

Other than the above, applying GOO to specs, an understanding of the concept of a ‘performing paint’, patience and engagement are far more important than lots of experience. A contractor’s briefing is highly recommended to all newbies. Briefings are conducted by appointment and is provided as a service.  It can be repeated as many times as is needed to get you Gooin’!

Anyone can create a GOO projection screen of any size, any shape and anywhere. Curved or flat surfaces, irregular shaped, ovals, circles, spheres, domes, the possibilities are endless.

Click here for Application Instructions.
Click here for Contractors' Briefing PPT Slides

Spraying on Screen GOO

Rolling on Screen GOO